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Corpus Christi College, Oxford - President and Development Director

Thank you on behalf of Corpus Christi College for your support of this transformative project that will have lasting benefits for the way our students and researchers study and innovate at Corpus, both now and for generations to come.

Prof Helen Moore | Professor of English Literature
and President, Corpus Christi College

We are grateful to our community  of alumni and friends of Corpus, whose support enables us to thrive and cater for a worldwide community of researchers, students, and library visitors.

Ms Liz Lyle | Development Director, Corpus Christi College

Recognising our benefactors

We are grateful for the support of our benefactors and endeavour to express our appreciation in a variety of ways. The Spencer Building and Handa Terrace are both named in honour of their benefactors. This tradition lives on at Corpus and we are pleased to offer naming opportunities within the Spencer Building at a range of levels to recognise the generosity of our donors and, through the inclusion of a plaque in the benefactor’s honour, inspire future generations of students utilising the building.


All donations will be included in the Spencer Building Benefactors' Book which will be displayed within the building, and benefactors donating £25,000 and above are eligible for inclusion on a donor board which will be displayed in the ground floor foyer of the Spencer Building. For more information about the Spencer Building, please visit the home page.


We also acknowledge the generosity of all our donors through a range of new and existing opportunities, in partnership with the University.

The Frost Society

The Society recognises those who have chosen to make a gift to the College in their will. Members are invited to an annual event and the Benefactors' Garden Party.


The Corpus Christi College Donor Roll

In recognition of your gift, we will be delighted to include your name in an annual donor roll, within The Pelican Record.


Benefactors’ Garden Party

We look forward to thanking significant donors in person at the annual Benefactors’ Garden Party, by invitation only.


The President’s Circle

The President may invite major donors to become members of the President’s Circle. Each year the President shares college news and holds a dinner in London for members.


The Vice Chancellor's Circle

The Vice Chancellor's Circle recognises those who have provided generous support to the University and the colleges. An annual drinks reception is held for members.


Foundation Fellowship

Those who have given exceptional support to Corpus Christi College may be elected to a Foundation Fellowship.

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